Mali Music Ignites In “Cry” Visual

Ok, let’s face it; Mali is cut from a different cloth and this visual shows it. From the scenery, to the message, to the theatrics and of course the fashion…this visual shows it.

Now. I just want to go down South and play in the sun…


Directed by: child.

Production: Nancy Yalley

UPM: Rashad Mubarak

Director of Photography: Jonathan Chou

1st AC: Nick Rey

2nd AC: Miguel Ramos

Gaffer: Will Hilcox

Key Grip: Aaron Toups

Swing: Azariah Oldacre

Color: Joseph Bickenell, Company 3

Edit: Mike Spagnoli

VFX: Luis Mejia

Stylist: Felipe G

Casting: Audrey Aaron

Commissioner: Hope Wilson

Starring: Young King David


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